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About Us

We specialise in turning under used conservatories into rooms that can be comfortably used all year round for any purpose.

Having been in the industry for numerous years, we are very confident we can help turn your conservatory back into the dream you always imagined it could be.

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04The Installation Process

  • Step 1

    Your existing conservatory polycarbonate or glass room is checked for leaks or external problems.

    These are rectified prior to your insulated ceiling being installed.

  • Step 2

    A treated timber sub-frame is installed directly onto the underside of your existing roof beams. Our experienced and qualified installation engineers have great expertise in installing insulated ceilings and take great care to make sure all the joists are carefully cut to size for a perfect fit. Cross ventilation holes are installed into the ring beam to ensure there is never condensation within the insulated ceiling and that the structure can effectively breathe.

  • Step 3

    Unique 19 layer insulated quilt is installed to cover the entire underside of the conservatory ceiling.

    This unique, total energy efficient quilt, is designed specifically for insulating conservatory roofs and is fully compliant with building regulations, fire retardant and certificated.

  • Step 4

    A second treated timber sub-frame is installed which will provide the secure fixing for the insulated plasterboard that will form the beautifully crafted internal ceiling.

    This ceiling will follow the existing pitch and design of your existing roof to maximise headroom and also maintain the design and feel of your conservatory.

  • Step 5

    Our expert installation team will then complete the ceiling with a plaster skim, ensuring that the overall finish of the ceiling is smooth and attractive.

    The plaster takes a couple of days to fully dry out before you will be able to paint your beautiful new ceiling in any colour of your choice.


The Benefits

There are numerous benefits including but not limited to...

Significantly cooler in summer and bright days Can be installed to all conservatory designs and sizes Dramatically warmer in winter and evenings Eliminates glare and considerably reduces rain noise Considerably less than conservatory roof blinds

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Meet the Team


Tom Jones


Tom Jones

Senior Architect

Tom Jones

Senior Installer
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1. Will a ECO Roofers conservatory ceiling keep the temperature in my conservatory down in summer, or does it only help keep it warm in winter?

It will do both equally well. Between the existing roof of your conservatory, and the UPVC panels of your new ceiling, we line the ceiling with a specially designed slim panel material made up of multiple reflective and thermally insulating layers, with all layers and exterior surfaces thermally welded together.

This highly efficient insulator stops heat from escaping in winter, keeping your conservatory warm. Then, in summer, it both reflects away the sun, and prevents warm air from outside from raising the temperature inside your conservatory.

You can read more about conservatory ceiling lining in our brochure.

2. Would an ECO Roofers Conservatory Ceiling cut down the level of outside noise in my conservatory?

Absolutely. The lining material we use not only provides superb thermal insulation; it provides an excellent sound insulation too. This is because of the sandwiching of seven layers of material inside a welded ‘pack’, with one of these layers consisting of encapsulated air pockets. With your new ceiling installed, both the sound of rain and hale impacting directly on the roof, and the noises made by traffic, aircraft and other outside agents will both be reduced.

3. Does an ECO Roofers Ceiling affect the external appearance of a conservatory?

Firstly, nothing is actually altered on the exterior of your conservatory in any way. If you have a conservatory with a clear glass roof and look down into it, you will see a flat expanse of neutrally coloured ceiling lining, which looks similar to the appearance of a ceiling blind. If you have a translucent polycarbonate roof, you will see almost no difference at all if you look down into the conservatory, as the neutral ceiling lining will make little or no change to the diffuse appearance of the polycarbonate.