• Guarantee: 5 Years
  • Installation: Within 21 Days
  • Options: Various
  • Cost: Subject to survey
  • Maintenance: Minimal
  • Temperature: Temperate and easily controllable
Livin Room
01. Description
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Livin Room Livin Roof Ultra Sky

Livin Room is the best of both worlds, combining the light and sky of a conservatory with the walls and ceiling of an extension.

Livin Room is truly multi-functional, creating a pleasant and relaxing space for meditation or it can be a ‘full on’ family room. A Livin Room offers more, lots more, than either a conservatory or an extension.

Consider the following benefits when choosing Ultraframe’s Livin Room which features the Classic roofing technology.

The Benefits

Enjoy the light from a conservatory with the feel of an extension - providing greater overall value.

Creates a whole new dynamic to the space - a ‘real room/living room’ feel.

You can maintain light and space by using windows all around OR have brick piers to give a greater sense of solidity

Better thermal efficiency when compared to a standard conservatory.

This real room/living room feel means more styling and furnishing options and the perimeter ceiling is perfect for down lighters.

Let's not forget outside, the bit your neighbours see...

Change the visual dynamics externally, by using Cornice for a smooth finish at the wall/roof interface.

A holistic 10 year guarantee is given on Ultraframe Livin Room products.

How We Transform A Conservatory Into A LIVIN ROOM


The starting point is the Ultraframe Classic roof with window frames all round sat on a traditional dwarf wall.

By the prudent use of more masonry at the corners and different window frame layouts and Ultraframe’s Cornice, the whole look starts to change.

The further insertion of another masonry pier divides the elevation into two and the swap from frames to french doors or patio doors creates a whole new dynamic.

And ultimately you can open up the front of your new cross over extension by using bi folding doors. A stunning transformation.


The standard glass roofed conservatory is bright and airy - this is the start point on the journey

And now, the Livin Room steelwork framework is added and plastered to create a perimeter ceiling, perfect for down lighters. Combine this with plastered dwarf walls and piers to give a feeling of solidity.

Change the design from dwarf walls to full height side glazing in the form of French doors or patio doors and you have the conservatory that thinks its an extension

And now with bi-folding doors - Livin Room takes on its ultimate form. Stunning.