• Guarantee: 10 Years
  • Installation: Within 21 Days
  • Cost: Subject to survey
  • Maintenance: Minimal
  • Temperature: Temperate and easily controllable
glass roofs
01. Description

Creates another room in your house that is useable 365 days a year!
Whatever you choose to use the room for it means that you gain an extra room in your home that is usable all year round. A room that is not too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter or too noisy when it rains. An insulated room that you can heat economically during the winter, keep cool in the summer and are able to use every day whatever the weather.

Reduces maintenance time and cost!
Traditional polycarbonate or glass conservatory roofs have a limited life expectancy of 10 years or less. Even the most expensive glass roofs can suffer rubber gasket deterioration within a similar time frame. They also require regular cleaning inside and out to keep them looking good. A comfortable tiled conservatory roof requires little or no maintenance at all, looks good all the time and comes with a manufacturer backed 40 year guarantee for...TOTAL peace of mind.

Less damage to furniture, flooring, furnishings and electrical goods!
A Comfortable Tiled Conservatory Roof protects the contents of the room from direct sunlight (UV rays) causing bleaching/fading and also insulates the room so that a suitable temperature can be maintained all year round to prevent damage to contents caused by excessive heat or cold/dampness.

Still have the benefits of a conservatory! – All this and you still have the benefits of a conservatory apart from the ‘living under glass’ feeling. However, any loss of light or the feeling of being under glass can easily be replaced by the addition of one or more roof windows.

Eco Roofers believe this is the most stylish and insulated option to upgrade your conservatory roof. With years of development we have found it to be the ideal option for customers seeking to create a room that can be used comfortably every single day of the year, no matter what the outside temperature may be. This special room will once again reclaim your heart.

NB: This type of roof will require building control to attend, Eco Roofers will arrange this for you!